January 30, 2016

A not so comfortable looking pillow

It's not a real flower, but still - it's a plant. A round cactus to be more exact.

And it IS a real pillow! Uncomfortable, perhaps. Funny, maybe. Now it's your turn to cuddle with the cactus pillow from KreaturFlora!

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January 20, 2016

Lamp Shine a Light

KreaturFlora naturally offers a wide range of floral lamps. There's many more so come this Spring, but you can already choose from a broad selection in the online POD store.

Note that most designs will allow you to adjust the solid background color. It's all about taste, and of course about matching existing colors in your room.

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January 14, 2016

Cozy Led Candles

Bring light to every corner! KreaturFlora has designed numerous led candles that are perfect for bringing light and good vibes to your favorite spot! Being your living room, office or garden table, there's a led candle for all!

The great benefit regarding these candles is of course that you can use them without guarding the flame. On a self a bit out of site, in the window where curtains makes it too risky for regular candles, or in the hallway where you only pass occasionally.

A perfect gift for elderly people who won't need to worry a bit!

Candles come in three heights. Most of these candles come with text that can easily be customized or removed. The solid background color can be replaced, too!

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