January 26, 2017

Sweet Floral Letterheads with Matching Envelopes

Would this be the time to pimp your own, personal stationery? POD-store KreaturFlora provides you with wonderful letterheads with motives based on delicate flower designs. You can choose from many species, and you can color adjust most of them by adjusting the product's base color.

You can also customize the return address to be printed both on the letterhead and the envelope's rear side.

Envelopes come with a similar design inside (not possible to display here on the blog, but you will see it in store.

Here are a few examples. Find them all in our store!

Please click image or text link for product details and a better look.

January 20, 2017

Anything Dandelion

Bring Summer, it's mid-Winter! Here's a few sunny items never before shared on this blog. Enjoy colorful items with design based on photo of Dandelion flowers!

Some products can be customized by adjusting the item's background color. Where text is included, it can normally be customized, too! More item can be found at POD store KreaturFlora.

Click image or text link for product details and a better view.

January 14, 2017

Botanical Business Cards

These sweet and decorative business cards from POD store KreaturFlora wait for you! Check them out! Most designs can be color adjusted, either by replacing the solid background color or by choosing a different kind of paper. Text can of course be edited easily.

Front includes name and title, while the rear side gives additional info like address and phone/email. You are free to adjust text size and add more lines if needed.

Here are just a few examples. You will find plenty more in the store.

Plase click image or text link for product description and a close up view.

January 05, 2017

Let your Legs Bloom

Spring is far ahead, but at least, it's ahead of us. The wait is not forever. A time for freshness and activity, indoor and outdoor. Exercising, maybe. Or perhaps your goal for the new year is to become more active, at the gym or simply in your everyday surrounding?

Now you can be active and bloom at the same time! POD store KreaturFlora offers a variety of botanical designs on these smart all over printed leggings. Some of the designs even allow you to adjust the base color by changing the product's background color before you place your order - absolutely any color is available!

Here's a few examples:

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