January 17, 2018

Unique Cactus iPhone and Samsung Otterbox defender

Are you into the tropical, arid themes? Or simply like unique botanical designs? KreaturFlora offers this new cactus photographic design on a wide range of products, including electronic devices. Several models are available, such as iPhone (incl. iPhone X) and Samsung. The popular Otterbox Defender, and more. We also offer laptop sleeves.

Design is pure photographic, with the calm green color of a cactus. Some of them come with customizable monogram. Here are a few examples:

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January 02, 2018

Tropical Cactus Comfort

We added another cool tropical design to our Comfort Flora collection! This time you can top your comfort zone with close up photo of cactus surface, added on products such as pillows and blankets.

KreaturFlora offers lots of different botanical designs, mostly based on photos. Visit store to check it all out! Here's a few of the new products:

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December 26, 2017

Family Photos Puzzle Challenge

Gather a handful memories into a personal puzzle challenge - and voila, you've got the best gift ever! This design allows for 4 photos, and the title text can be customized, too! KreaturFlora offers 5 versions including garden flowers, tropical cactus and bark, all with a flora based background, but you will also find this product with rock based backgrounds (KreaturRock) or more general backgrounds (KreaturShop).

It's up to you how difficult the jigsaw gave will be, you decide size and number of pieces.

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December 17, 2017

Super Cool Tropical Cactus Lamps

Get tropical, get a cactus lamp! KreaturFlora has designed lamps for you with photographic cactus motives. We offer two versions for a start, more cactus designs will be added.

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December 02, 2017

Sweet Floral Socks

Get your own flower power socks! Or gift a garden lover who might be hoping for a set of personal floral socks!

KreaturFlora has designed numerous version with different flowers and colors. You can replace the solid color, but keep in mind that lighter colors will work better with the printing, technically.

Oh - and there are not only sweet, photographic flower heads, but tree bark and cacti as well! Here are some examples:

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