October 30, 2015

Calendar 2016 - Life is like a Beautiful Park!

This calendar offers both nice photos and life wisdom! Every month there is a new beautiful park photo, with a reflection over life.

You can easily customize the text, either adjusting the reflections to make them your own, or maybe you want to add something that gets even more personal for you or the one to get the calendar as a gift.

Photos can't be customized on this version, but there will soon be more calendars offered by either KreaturShop, KreaturRock or KreaturFlora!

Life is like a Beautiful Park Calendar 2016
Life is like a Beautiful Park Calendar 2016 by KreaturFlora
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October 28, 2015

Computer Sleeves Keep Growing

Gardeners love computing! KreaturFlora store has made a new design, based on a photo of growing seedlings. A typical situation for any gardener. The text "Keep growing!" can easily be customized or removed.

Minor color deetails can be changed as you like!

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October 24, 2015

Lilies in my garden

I got several species of these wonderful flowers in my garden. Some were new 2 or 3 years ago, and it's a great joy to see how they grow more flowers every year! Lilium is pretty easy to grow, although the tallest plants might need some support. By time they will normally spread vegetatively, but new plants will need a couple years to grow flowers. You can also cross pollinate different plants to grow new species from seed, just make sure to mix plants from the same group.

This orange might be a more common variety, but there is also red, peach and pink.

I can't wait to gather some more phoptos of these flowers to create designs for the KreaturFlora store :)

October 22, 2015

Clipboard for Garden Notes

I love inspecting my garden, and I do so frequently from March to November. What plants need to be replaced or moved, did those seeds wake up yet, and how are the seedlings doing? Taking notes while inspecting the garden helps me to remember what to do on my next work session.

In the past I used small notebooks, but now that most notes are on my computer, it's much easier to print the todo lists, and bring a couple extra blank sheets for notes. Or I might have a paper with good advice, like a zerox of a page from a book or magazine. Or a garden sketch even! A clipboard also makes the note writing way easier!

With a handy clipboard I can put my notes together the way I wish, and while in the garden I can resort them as needed.

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October 18, 2015

New blog - new POD store

KreaturFlora stoe as opened! This blog has gone public, and from this point the only way is more, more and more :)

Welcome into my garden! Although the base for botyh the store and this blog is my designs for print-on-demand products offered through Zazzle, most motives will be based on photos from my own vacation home garden. Each plant means a lot to me, some I even grew from seeds. Some plants have been replanted every Spring, after stored safely over Winter. A garden is a long term relationship, and becaue some plants die while others are grown from seeds, there is an neverending development of shapes, colors and joy!

I hope you will appreciate some of my designs and products, for yourself or as gifts. And even if online shopping is not your favorite, you might enjoy some of my garden photos to be posted regularly on this blog.

Happy gardening! And once again, welcome!

October 12, 2015

Popular Greeting Cards

Among the early products you will find several greeting cards from the lovely park, Flor & Fjære, of Stavanger region, Norway. This park is packed with plants that can't grow wild in these areas, so the photos will give pretty tropical vibes. And you can send a beautiful greeting even if you never visited this place.

There is a handful motives to choose from, and for all of them you will find that the colored border line is adjustable! There is a full set of different borders, and by deleting some or rearranging their order, you will get new effects.

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Bestselling Can Cooler has Arrived!

Before the KreaturFlora store opening, several designs previously offered by KreaturShop are now transfered to the new store. All are based on bark or flower photos, and they are already available.

This cool can cooler, with the print of old Pine bark, will make a great addition to any hike, camp or simply by the bonfire outside your cabin or house. The beverage stays cold, and it's less freezing to hold the can. The name label can be customized or simply removed.

This product is also offered as a bottle cooler. Perhaps you need a few of both? Click image for a closer look!

Welcome into my garden!

This is a brand new blog, meant to support my brand new store KreatureFlora over at zazzle.com. This is a Print On Demand store, where you can find my designs on plenty of products. Most products can be customized, either by adjusting colors, persnalizing text or nams, or even by replacing my default photo with your own!

All designs will be based on organic life, such as flowers, trees, foliage or even view of great gardens.

This blog opened on October 12th, 2015. At this time the store is not yet open, but expect it to open in a week.