November 24, 2016

Botanical Wall Clocks

Put the time up there on the wall, add some flora theme - and voila, you've got a personal wall clock!

POD-store KreaturFlora gladly helps you with the design, check out our many variations where floral or cacti motives gives your clock integrity! The perfect gift for anyone into gardening or simply who like a decorative wall clock. Many designs allow you to recolor the solid one color background.

These are just a few, you will find plenty more in the store!

Click on image or text link for product description and a better view.

November 13, 2016

Botanical Knobs

Upgrading the old dresser, or simply adding a new botanical theme to the entire room? Custom knobs by POD-store KreaturFlora can be used for any room, such as bedroom, bathroom and kitchen - as long as your furniture need knobs, of course!

Please note that even though these products are displayed as round knobs, most of them can successfully be transfered to alternatively shaped handles. Check them out!

Please click image or text link for a better look and product description.