July 22, 2017

Major Zazzle Sale: Christmas in July!

Early birds always get the better deals! Zazzle offers huge discounts in their Christmas in July sale, that just got started and will go on for 5 days!

60% discount on Acrylic Ornaments, Ball Ornaments, Gift Tags, Greeting Cards, Invitations, Snowflake Ornaments, Postcards and Stickers!

50% discount on Acrylic Art, Binders, Candles, Ceramic Ornaments, Christmas Stockings, Fleece Blankets, Metal Ornaments!

40% discount on All-Over-Print Tote Bags, Car Air Fresheners. Gift Bags, Hats, Magnets and Pillows!

30% discount on Aprons, Bunting Flags, Doormats, Snow Globes, Tree Skirts and Wrapping Paper!

20% on most other products!

Use this code at checkout: SUMMERTIME60

June 17, 2017

Unique Led Candles with Floral Motives

We recently released 3 more led candles with botanic motives. Close up photos show arid cactus. They are decorative, while still rough and kind of masculine.

There are plenty more led candle designs at KreaturFlora!

Please click image or text link for detailed product descriptions as well as a closer look.

May 25, 2017

Otterbox Commuter with Cactus Design and Custom Name

On line POD-store KreaturFlora offers the popular Otterbox Commuter Case for your phone's protection. These photographic close ups of arid cacti will make your day a little more fun. These cases are not as uncomfortable as they might look :)

Text/name can easily be customized, and you can also adjust font, size and color.

Comes for various models like Samsung Galaxy s7, Samsung Galaxy s8, iPhone 7, Google Pixel, and Google Pixel xl.

Please click image or text link for thorough product information and a coser look.

May 12, 2017

Spring Otterbox for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel

More Otterbox Cases! KreaturFlora brings you the Spring fling, cover up your cell phone with lovely tulips and a blooming cherry tree!

This motive is available on iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel.

These are just a couple models, you will find a total of 7 models in our store!

Click image or text link for product details and a better look!

April 30, 2017

Wireless Keyboard with Floral Design

Type away on these decorative yet practical wireless keyboards designed by on line POD store KreaturFlora! It's botanical, it's floral, it's a perfect match with any garden lover out there!

Yes we know, when you type, it's easier to perform the task when the keys are calm and not exploding with colors and flowers. so, we made sure to cover the keys area with a black field that is just about semi-transparent. It makes the keys stand out more, and even if you are a pro typer, it'll easier to hit the right keys.

Some designs can be color adjusted. Simply adjust the product's base color to create new and personal effects!

There are many versions, so look for your favorite colors or flowers! Here's a few examples:

Please click image or text link for detailed product descriptions and a much better view!

April 24, 2017

Floral Design Samsung Galaxy s8 Otterbox Commuter

Otterbox protective cases have become widely popular, and most cellphone models have their version of the case. We specialize on flower designs, and if plants or gardening is your thing, look no further! You will surely find something matching your taste among our photographic styles.

POD store KreaturFlora proudly presents a variety of floral designs to go on your Otterbox Commuter for the new Samsung Galaxy s8 model. More designs in store!

Please click image or text link for detailed product information and a better view.

April 16, 2017

Spread Some Flowers

It's Spring! Why don't you spread some botanical joy? :)

POD-store KreaturFlora offers more than 1000 items, mostly with photographic floral designs. If you are looking for a gift for a garden lover, look no further! If you like to decorate your home with a floral touch, you've come to the right place! And - whenever you want to spread those flowers, yupp, we can help you with that, also!

Here's a few examples of floral postcards, picture frames and more. You will find plenty more inside store!

Click on image or text link for product descriptions and a better view.

March 28, 2017

Shamrocks and Amazing Maze

Can you solve the labyrinth to find the green shamrock? Spring is here, start the plant hunt! Or, maybe you just want to relax and enjoy, that's a great Spring activity, too!

POD-store KreaturFlora recently launched a new design based on the amazing maze. There's a tiny green shamrock waiting in the center. Perhaps the design symbolizes that it takes some work to trace luck? This design was released in time for St. Patrick's Day, but is just as decorative all year round.

For most of these products, you are free to recolor the background! This way, you can play with color combos to create your very own match. Also note that the maze design is promoted in the store KreaturShop as well, without the shamrock.

Please click image or text link for detailed product descriptions and a closer look.

March 17, 2017

More Floral Electronics Cases

It's easy to upgrade your old electronic device by replacing its case! Create your personal and unique case at zazzle.com, or choose one of the thousands of templates created by others!

POD-store KreaturFlora offers many floral cases, most of them come with custom text that will add the personal touch. For yourself or as a gift? Add nature, add garden plants, get tropical! These designs are photo based. Text can easily be customized or repositioned. Text font, size and color can be adjusted, too!

Please click image for product descriptions and a closer look.