October 13, 2016

Floral Mugs not only for the Romantic Garden Lover

So you thought that floral patterns would appeal to romantic people only? Or that only garden lovers would love a mug with flower print? Well, think again. And have a look at these mugs provided by POD-store KreaturFlora!

Most of the designs allow you to adjust the background color. Changing the color will have great affect on any design, and you can make the feel more personal. Some mugs also allow for text print, such as a name. If you don't want text, you can probably just remove it.

Here's a few. Many more floral mugs in the store!

Click image or text link for product details and a better look.

October 06, 2016

Garden Lilies Bathroom

How about starting each day in a room filled with beautiful lilies? You can! Fill your bathroom with lovely lilies, as printed on various bathroom products like shower curtains, soap dispensers, acrylic trays, bathroom scales, bath mats and more!

POD store KreaturFlora provides two versions of the photographic design; red lilies or orange lilies.

Say hello to your new floral room!

These are just a few of the products available. See the full collection here.

Please click image or text link for product details and a closer look.