June 29, 2016

Gardener's Favorite Clipboard

Most garden lovers do frequent inspections of their garden or greenhouse. Sometimes you will bring a mug of tea or coffee, stop at certain plants, remove a dead flower or leaf, think of things you must remember to do later. This plant should be moved, that plant needs some help to climb, that shrub over there is in need of pruning.

Some of those urgent tasks will be forgotten before your mug is emptied. That's simply how a garden lover's brain works when the garden is full of new impressions!

But there is help at hand! On line POD-store KreaturFlora offers a variety of handy clipboards that should follow you on at least some of your garden inspections. Perfect for taking notes, and also perfect when you need to bring sketches and notes to the garden. It's easy to switch paper sheets.

When not in use, these clipboards make a perfect wall hanging, printed with happy floral motives. Waiting for your next inspection.

Some of the clipboards comes with name template, but you can choose to remove all text. For some you can adjust the solid background coor.

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June 22, 2016

Summer Party Gear

It's time for all kinds of outdoor Summer activities. In the garden, on the beach, in a park. Make sure you have the cool floral party hats from on line print-on-demand store, KreaturFlora. And there are nice bundled flags, too!

Most can be customized one way or the other!

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June 17, 2016

Garden Lover Gifts

Garden pillows, tank tops or sun shadow? We all know a garden lover who deserves a gift, why not make it personal this year?

On line store KreaturFlora provides several products with a photographic flower design based on text «Garden lover» and «I love my garden». See for yourself - here are a few examples. Most products allow you to adjust the solid background color.

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June 09, 2016

Floral Laptop Sleeves

Let it grow! Let it flow! Enjoy Summer with a laptop sleeve covered with delicate flowers!

Online print-on-demand store, KreaturFlora, offers a variety of floral computer sleeves, here are a few more! You will find them all in store, most of them can be customized with a personal name or a different background color.

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June 02, 2016

More All-over Printed Floral Bags

When you look for floral related gifts and products, online print-on-demand store KreaturFlora is a natural place to check out! Numerous motives and designs, often with the option to replace a background color, makes it easy to find a favorite!

This week we like to highlight a series of sweet floral all-over printed tote bags. These are a few examples, please stop by to check them all out!

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